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Yoga, Stress and School: Harvard and Hopkins Weigh In...
There are now numerous studies which support yoga and mindfulness techniques in reducing children's (and adults') emotional reactivity to stress. Specifically, studies have found that...

The Mind + Body Project is a collaboration of dedicated physicians, licensed clinicians, and other practitioners who translate recent discoveries in Neuroscience and the Brain/Body Connection into practices that improve physical and mental health as well as overall well-being.

By utilizing yoga, strategic exercise and other kinetic practices and through a variety of classes, seminars and retreats our paramount goal is to provide opportunities to and tools for getting well, being well and staying well. Our proven methods assist you in working your body and mind to help you achieve and then maintain a balance between the two.

Influenced by the ever-increasing research data that support the far-reaching and positive effects of body- based practices, psychiatrist Dr. Lisa Llanas joined psychotherapist Robert Hagberg to develop The Mind + Body Project. Learn more about Who We Are +

Update: Another interview with Robert and Dr. Greer...   Learn more +